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Conceived and designed the experiments: WCN SA. Performed the experiments: Womeh the data: Wrote the paper: Made substantial contributions to conception, acquisition and interpretation of data: Participated in drafting the article: Read and approved the Sex women Amon Munthali manuscript: Having unprotected sex with multiple sexual partners MSP is the greatest Wives looking for dick factor for human immunodeficiency virus HIV and other sexually transmitted infections STIs among youths.

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This womne examines the associated risk factors of STIs and multiple sexual partnerships among youths aged 15—24 years. The Malawi Demographic Health Survey data was used. Out of a sample of 2, males and 9, females aged 15—24 years, 2, males and 6, females were considered in the study.

Chi square test and logistic regression techniques were performed. The results indicate that 1, Having more than one sexual partner increases the risk of STIs and sexuality education programs should be introduced that emphasize the danger that surrounds MSP. Sex women Amon Munthali

This includes factors such as poverty [ Munthall ], lack of male circumcision [ 3 ], migration [ 4 ], untreated sexually transmitted infections [ 5 ] and multiple sexual relationships. Due to the severity and the impact of these infections, Sex women Amon Munthali research studies have focused on understanding sexual behaviours that increases the risk of STIs Sex women Amon Munthali in sub-Saharan Africa. However, the impact of multiple sexual partnerships on the incidence of HIV in sub-Saharan African settings has not been tested appropriately.

It has been evident that young males tend to have more sexual partners than their female counterparts, irrespective of their marital status [ 9 ]. These infections affect Malawians disproportionately with Muntbali prevalence much higher among sexually active females than their male counterparts [ Sex women Amon Munthali ]. The devastating socio-economic impact of these infections and its increasing spread has stimulated a shift of research from a Lady want casual sex McKenzie River Valley to a womeb context of sexual behaviour.

The sexual activities of youths are characterized by early onset of sexuality, multiple sexual relationships and a low incidence of condom use [ 13 ]. aomen

Thus, having multiple sexual partners in a dense sexual network increases the risk of STIs by allowing the virus to spread rapidly. In relationships where non-overlapping sequential partners exist, the delay between ending one relationship and starting another one reduces Sex women Amon Munthali probability of STI transmission [ 14 ].

Certain risk factors such as education, substance use, alcohol consumption and non-use of contraceptives have been identified as being associated with multiple sexual partnerships MSP [ 15 ]. There is a general conception that alcohol consumption increases the risk of MSP. A study of sexually active youths in Cameroon found that, alcohol use Sex women Amon Munthali the prevalence of MSP [ 16 ].

Another study in Nigeria found that, women who drank alcohol were more likely to have multiple sexual partners [ 17 ]. Similarly, a systematic review and meta-analysis of African Sex women Amon Munthali found woemn alcohol consumers were more likely to be HIV positive [ 18 ], thus indicating that they were more likely to engage in multiple sexual relationships, and less likely Sex women Amon Munthali use condoms consistently.

Other conceptions such as educational levels and place of residence have also been associated with MSP. It Sex women Amon Munthali believed that, youths with woomen education, who live in urban areas and are exposed to media at least once a week, are more likely to have more sexual partners than those who are more educated, live in rural areas and are regularly exposed to the media [ 19 ]. Education has therefore been regarded as a protective factor against risky sexual behaviours by reducing the rate of Mnuthali transmission.

While other studies in sub-Saharan Africa have reported that formal education and exposure to media reduces the likelihood of engaging in MSP among males and females [ 2021 ], others have found no association between education and extramarital partnerships [ 22 ].

Multiple Munthwli partnerships are characterized by early sexual activities, greater number of lifetime partners, more Wives seeking nsa OH Mount gilead 43338 coitus and unprotected coitus.

Sex women Amon Munthali

In addition, those with more than one sexual partner uses condom less frequently than those with only one partner Sex women Amon Munthali 2324 ] and this facilitates the spread of Sexually Transmitted Infections. Other studies have regarded age at first intercourse as an outcome variable, while others have used it to explain multiple sexual behaviours within different populations [ 25 ].

Young males and females enter into multiple sexual relationships in order to have more latitude in choosing who to marry as they become mature. Irrespective of their intention, females need to be more cautious than Chatroulette S-hertogenbosch sex when it comes to having multiple sexual partners simultaneously, as it would instead lower their chances of Muthali married. Overlapping sexual networks speed up the rate of HIV transmission among sexually active youths and boost the scale of HIV epidemic, especially Sex women Amon Munthali those in sub-Saharan Africa [ 27 ].

Nevertheless, empirical evidence supporting the importance of concurrency among youths remains weak [ 28 ]. Recent Sex women Amon Munthali have found a very strong relationship between people having had more than one sexual partner and living with HIV but found no association between concurrence in men and HIV incidence in women or between concurrency and HIV prevalence among men [ 29 ].

Individuals with multiple sexual partners are more likely to be HIV positive, and the risk of HIV and other STIs is significantly higher among those with multiple sex partners compared with those who had one sex partner. Moreover, having a history of Sex women Amon Munthali, being in short relationships and suspecting your current partner of infidelity, was a contributing factor towards multiple sexual relationships [ 30 ]. The Housewives wants hot sex Clearfield of numerous consecutive relationships in rapid succession suggests Sex women Amon Munthali transmission potential.

In Lilongwe, the capital city of Malawi, most partnerships are longer and monogamous, with concurrent partnerships being infrequent with long periods of overlap [ 31 ].

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Muntgali partnerships have short intervening gaps that could facilitate the spread of sexually transmitted infections. Empirical research has however identified Sex women Amon Munthali association between concurrent sexual partnerships and an increased risk of sexually transmitted infections including syphilis and gonorrhoea [ 34 ].

Journal of the International AIDS Society : Vol 17 , No 1

Certain cultural practices have emerged as an important factor when studying sexual behaviours in most societies. There is a growing conception that certain Sex women Amon Munthali norms and social institutions promote and even institutionalize MSPs to be socially accepted Muunthali forms of sexual conduct. Thus, sociocultural factors that facilitate the risk for HIV Sex women Amon Munthali couples condone male promiscuity in most patriarchal societies. Although living in an urban area has been associated with a higher prevalence of MSP and an increased risk of HIV and other Sex women Amon Munthali, most studies did not report any significant differences in the sexual behaviour of urban and rural residents [ 36 ].

Other studies in Malawi have addressed issues of sexuality, multiple sexual partnerships and STIs among youths, but there is limited Munhali of the associated risk factor of STIs and multiple sexual partnerships among youths.

This current study therefore tests the hypothesis that multiple sexual relationships are an associated risk factor for STIs among young people, using socio-economic Sex women Amon Munthali demographic characteristics. The data was downloaded from www. This data was extracted from a cross-sectional representative survey that was conducted in Malawi from June to Novemberon different topics using a multistage cluster sample of 27, households [ 37 ].

Each district was subdivided into enumeration areas EAs referred to as clusters. Snowboard buddy wanted Lewiston Maine sample for the survey was conducted at the district and EA levels, using a stratified, two-stage cluster design, and the primary sampling unit were the enumeration areas.

In each sampled enumeration area, the households were the secondary sampling units. A total of EAs and 27, households were sampled for the survey, and only men aged 15—54 years and women aged 15—49 years were eligible for the survey.

A standardized structure Amateur sexy Oakland was designed to include HIV modules and was administered to eligible members of the sampled households. These questionnaires Munnthali used during the previous surveys and A subsample of a third of the household was selected to conduct HIV testing, thus giving a total of 14, men and women aged 15—54 and 15—49 years respectively. Besides the HIV testing, sexually active individuals were asked to state Sex women Amon Munthali total number of life time sexual partners they have had during the last 12 months.

Sex women Amon Munthali, socio-demographic key indicators such as age, sex, marital status, place of residence, region, religion, education level, and ethnicity were also considered in the questionnaires. Although the number of explanatory variables for both males and females were not the same, the study focuses on those with Amno than one sexual partner.

For the current study, multiple sexual partnerships were used to describe respondents with more than Sex women Amon Munthali sexual partner, and this was derived from total lifetime number of sexual partners.

Sex women Amon Munthali

The data was extracted and the relevant sample was weighted according to the design of the Malawi Demographic Milf dating in Pacoima Health Survey in order to obtain a representative sample for the study. Out of a sample of males and females aged 15—24 years, males and females were considered in the study. The study uses total lifetime number of sexual partners as the dependent variable from the survey data.

The dependent variable was coded 1 Muntyali respondents have more than one partner and 0 otherwise. Bivariate analysis was used to test for the association between the dependent Munthalii categorical variables by using chi Sex women Amon Munthali. A binary Sex women Amon Munthali regression technique was performed to examine the association of socio-economic and demographic characteristics of multiple sexual relationships and their association with youth risky woemn behaviour.

The findings were presented by gender and residence in order to observe the variation among respondents. Selected variables were extracted from the Demographic Health Survey on sexual behaviour, total lifetime number of sexual partners, age group, marital status, religion, ethnicity, regions and place Sex women Amon Munthali residence.

Number of sexual partners was redefined one or less sexual partner versus more Munhhali one sexual partner. Other variables were defined as follows: Wealth was stratified into poorest, poorer, middle, richer and richest, marital status was redefined as married, never married, and religion redefined as other Christian, catholic, Church of Central Africa Presbyterian CCAPMuslims, others.

The extracted data for males Naughty wants hot sex Globe females were weighted so that the sample was representative of 15—24 years respondents in the Demographic Health Survey. Analysis was performed using SPSS version 22, which accounted for the sample strata, the primary sampling unit and population weights. Chi-square comparisons were conducted to identify differences between males and females' number of sexual partners and this was performed based Sex women Amon Munthali the socio-economic and demographic characteristics.

A binary logistic regression model was then used without an offset to examine the relationship between number of sexual partners and the socio-economic and demographic Sex women Amon Munthali.

These models provided an estimate of the prevalence ratio for the relevant outcome. All analyses presented were stratified by gender and residence regardless of the significance of any interactions. However, one Munthhali was created by gender and residence. Variables that were significant in the regression model were considered as a contributing factor to multiple sexual partnerships among youths which was considered as a high risk factor for STIs.

This study used secondary data from the Malawi Demographic and Health Sex women Amon Munthali. Prior to using these data, agreement was obtained from Macro International, uMnthali has allowed us to download the data on their Web Site.

HIV and adolescents: focus on young key populations

Please note that all data are fully available without restriction. Among males, age group, religion, marital status and condom use were statistically significant.

Among females, the prevalence of MSP was common among 20—24 years Never married females Most males who reported MSP were aged 15—19 years Most males who reported MSP were aged 20—24 years Moreover, CCAP males The study Sex women Amon Munthali found that, most respondents who reported MSP within the rural area were in the northern region, who were married, and did not use condoms. Meanwhile, within the urban area, respondents who reported MSP had a higher education, from the richest households, being CCAP Sex women Amon Munthali who were never married.

This study examines the associated risk factor of STIs and multiple sexual relationships among youths in Malawi. The study has shown that, the prevalence of Any ladies around the joliet area tonight sexual partnerships was more common among females than males.

The prevalence among males is lower than what other studies have reported.