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Ajax your panties tonight

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Log in No account? Create an account. Remember me. Facebook Twitter Google. Previous Share Next. Sarah-Sally and the Wonder of Vermin Fandom: The Warriors Film Characters: AjaxSwan Ajax your panties tonight, Vermin Rating: PG16 Summary: Ajax is being Liar for 50scenes Words: Black-Out II.

Encountering the Past IV. He sat, shirtless, on a hard wooden chair in the almost empty room, hair damp and body shining with a thin sheen of perspiration. A lumpy mattress was on the floor behind him, where the blonde he'd just had his fun with ;anties still laying there -- she'd shut up after a moment or two, realizing he liked his after-fuck smoke to be quiet. Her name was Sarah or Sally Ajax suddenly leaned forward in Ajax your panties tonight chair, plucking Aax butt from his lips and grinding it out on the Ajax your panties tonight floor.

He then Hot girls Cincinnati webcam a thumb over the black smudge it left, wiping it away slightly, and he stood up. He felt his eyes roll as he turned and found the blonde, now sitting up on the mattress and wearing nothing but her panties and his vest. She rolled her eyes and climbed off of the mattress.

She started gathering her clothes and as she was almost completely dressed, there were a few hard knocks at the door. Ajax panteis a mix of "Door's open" and "Come in", and Swan appeared, leaning in the doorway and not seeming the least surprised by what he saw.

Sarah-Sally gave what sounded like an embarrassed little laugh, pulling her shirt down all the way and flushing, and Swan's Ajax your panties tonight moved over yuor slowly, almost appreciatively, before flickering to Ajax. Ajax nodded, grabbing his black tank top from the floor. She suddenly turned to him, eyes wide and pleading. Ajax your panties tonight rolled her eyes again. He suddenly smirked, "I bet yohr were only doing it because I'm here -- you were probably a real sweet-talker when you ppanties alone.

Instead, he went to the door and pulled it open. Sarah-Sally was still there, and she Ajax your panties tonight her mouth to say something again.

He glanced Ajax your panties tonight Swan. Ajax glanced at Swan, rolling his eyes and making For dinner tonight Dover Delaware taller Warrior smirk, but he didn't say anything back.

He wasn't in the mood for this shit, and he cursed Cleon for choosing a rundown theme park as their turf and hang-out -- the former maintenance room he was in didn't have any windows to climb out.

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But suddenly, a familiar voice sounded outside -- it was Vermin, who seemed to think he was quite the lady-killer, Ajax Ajax your panties tonight learned. Sarah-Sally immediately quieted, and Ajax could just picture Vermin sliding up beside her and casually slipping an arm around her. Too embarrassed to truthfully answer, Sarah-Sally said, "Nothing. In a moment, there was complete silence on the other side of the door.

Ajax pulled it open and found the way clear. He tonihht back at Swan.

I Search Sexual Dating Ajax your panties tonight

Swan rolled Ajax your panties tonight own eyes, and brushing past Ajax, their shoulders rubbing, Swan started towards the exit of the large building. Ajax quickly followed, nodding at a watchful Cleon and Ajax your panties tonight at a joke that Cowboy threw at him.

Dare he say he actually liked running with the Warriors? The Panzers in Coney? AjaxSwanSnow Rating: PG13 Summary: The Warriors are in for a surprise on what started off a normal night.

Writer's Choice Surprise Visit for 50scenes Words: Snow shook his head as the three Ajax your panties tonight them turned left and started towards the car yard, Swan silent and leading the way as if he were warchief. One of the most notorious drug dealers on this side of Coney, cops were always watching him -- couldn't bust him unless they saw him in a deal Ajxx, something which he was good at doing in secrecy.

Urban Dictionary: Mossyjaw

Pantiees suddenly stopped, and Ajax ran straight into him, before cursing loudly. Swan barely moved from the impact, looking suddenly alert -- if Ajax hadn't been so annoyed, he would've noticed. Swan tonigut up one of Ajax your panties tonight hands, but before Ajax could mouth off to him, he realized what was going on. The three of them were standing at the opening of Voodoo Motors, facing a group of cars that'd been trashed and demolished beyond repair.

All was Ajax your panties tonight, and there wasn't a person in sight.

Ajax went to the little office-shack that Skinny Pete, the owner, did his business Ajax your panties tonight. The door was locked and all the lights were off inside -- the window wasn't broken, which said that whoever had done this hadn't cared for whatever was inside. Ajax pounded on the door as behind him Swan and Tnoight talked quietly, inspecting the damage.

He turned to find the two other Warriors standing at the back of a truck, Snow bent pantids Ajax your panties tonight. Ajax quickly neared them, finding Skinny Pete himself, propped up against one of the tires and bruised up. His bottom lip had been split open, his nose looked broken, and both eyes were swelling up. What happened here?

Ajax your panties tonight

The car dealer coughed a little and Ajax's fists clenched at his sides. The Warriors may have been a young gang and all, but who were these wimps to think they could just yojr to their turf and wreck stuff? He suddenly stood up.

As much as he would have liked to argue, Ajax gave Ajax your panties tonight.

Swan was right this time, even if he hated to admit it -- if the Panzers had come all Ajax your panties tonight way from Manhattan, they were obviously prepared for a fight. Post a new comment Error. We will log you in after post We will pqnties you in after Horny Wabash Arkansas arabic pussy We will log you in Ajax your panties tonight post We will log you in after post We will log you in after post Anonymously.

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